Emotional Intelligence (EI) into the Job Interview

Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace has become as important as “traditional” intelligence because it is critical for solving complex business problems that require teamwork. Effective leaders must have high EI to effectively inspire and motivate teams to improve performance. Savvy hiring managers look for candidates with high EI. This session explains the key measure of EI and explains why demonstrating a high Emotional Quotient EQ may give you a competitive advantage during the interview process.

Session Outcomes: Participants will learn what EI is and why it matters in the job search. Participants will measure their EQ leave with a strategy for improving EI and developing prepared responses to EI interview questions.

This meeting is to be held at 1000 Continental Drive, King of Prussia PA. Conference Room on the 1st Floor (lower level) around the corner from the green chairs

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Dr. Laura has over 25 years of successful accomplishments across the healthcare ecosystem. Her experience spans the healthcare payer (jumbo health insurance plans), provider (health systems) and application vendor environments. As a senior business leader, she spends her time assessing conceptualizing & executing operational strategies to maximize enterprise solutions and improve performance. Laura fuses operational strategy with technology and behavior change to enable operational innovation, accelerate change and drive performance improvement.

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