Networking Profile

Use this tool to quickly describe to networking contacts your background and what kind of work you are looking for.

Networking Biography

Use this tool to summarize for networking contacts who you are and what you have accomplished.

Company Target List

Use this tool to make a list of companies you want to work for. Ask you network, ask your contacts the questions at the top of the page


LinkedIn Tips


  • Be sure to create a Value Proposition Statement in your header (what makes you great)
  • Typical Formula: I do _____ to help ________ through/by _________
  • Example: Transforming the Way My Clients Grow Their Business Through Social Selling


  • Find jobs you want and answer the questions in the description to help you write your summary
  • Add your email and phone number so people can contact you


  • Looks for skills on job postings and add them to your profile, get others to endorse you
  • The more endorsers the better, helps with impressions!

Advanced Search

  • Utilize this feature to search for connections at a particular company. See what connections you have in common with current employees and ask them to introduce you
  • Save advanced searches for future use


  • Say Happy Birthday to Connections (keeps you in their mind)
  • Add tags and reminders to Connections
  • Do two coffee meetings a week
  • Go to “Who’s View My Profile” to see who is looking at you. If you don’t know them ask how they found you (strike up a conversation)
  • Reach out to 1-3 recruiters a week
  • If you don’t know someone and want to connect select that you know them from a position and not under the generic “friend”